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Tip #5 - Websites & Social Media

Today is about Websites and Social Media.   

Today’s society has become very reliant on the internet for information. Often many of life’s decisions are solely based on information that has been obtained from websites and social media. 

1. Website- When looking for a transportation vendor check out their website. Websites are the window to the world they say. 

Look them over carefully, determine if the pictures are real or just some generic bling to deceive the customer. Accurate fleet pictures and recent updates are important. 

2. Company has NO Website.  This in my opinion is a red flag. Websites are not expensive to put together and there are many companies that will do this relatively inexpensively.  Why not have one??  Truly professional vendors have a good website.

3. Social Media, today's biggest tool for fact finding, socializing and general news finding. Check out the companies social media pages maybe Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

See how many followers they have, do they update it often and keep things “Fresh”? 

Once again...are the pictures actually pictures of their limos? Or just some downloaded internet picture they found? 

Keeping a fresh, fun page with recent pictures, promotions, and of course general advertising is important.  It shows that the company actually CARES! 

In short, know what to look for when searching these two things.  Many INCLUDING us do not post prices as I firmly believe that should be a discussion with the client one on one to put together a package that suits them personally.

Thanks for listening.  Please feel free to text me any questions you may have about ANY of my blogs. 306-591-5466.

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