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Tip #6 - Vendor Deposits & Payment Methods

Deposits are a very common thing when it comes to booking your wedding vendors. It is a way to protect the vendor from cancellations as well gives the customer a sense of security that they have that spot secured.

1. Amount of deposits- It is very common that the vendor asks for a 25-30% deposit/partial payment. This generally is enough that it shows the customer is serious about the booking. Anything more than this is unnecessary in my opinion.

Any company that doesn’t take a deposit, or that takes a VERY small deposit raises red flags as their commitment level is minimal and they can back out or cancel last minute with very little financial burden to them.

2. Always be sure to ask that the deposit is actually a PARTIAL PAYMENT and comes off the final total.

3. Some companies (us for sure) take payments along the way to help ease the financial burden on the couple. Generally most other vendors want their money all just before the wedding.  If you choose to make payments MAKE SURE to get an updated invoice each time showing your payment.

4. Payment Methods- Our recommendation is make all payments with credit card. Although we also accept Etransfer, etc. Credit cards are a sure-fire way to get your money back if something was to happen. 

AT LEAST make sure that the company you are interested in booking ACCEPTS credit cards as an option. This way you are protected! 

5. When it comes to your money make sure you ask the right questions! Read reviews, get familiar with the company, make sure they are legit

.  You work hard for your money!  And the company should prove to you that they deserve it!

Thanks for reading.

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