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Tip #4 - Dress Codes and Chauffeur Appearances

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

Today’s topic is Dress codes and chauffeur appearances.

FIRST OF ALL I’d like to state that these blogs are NOT directed at anyone or any company. this is ONLY good solid advice to people booking limos and party buses! 

1. Ask how your driver will be dressed!  For weddings and high end events Limousine drivers should be at MINIMUM in a dress shirt, dress pants and dress shoes. Suits for male drivers and nice blouses and slacks for female drivers should be the standard dress for weddings!

2. No JEANS. Blue jeans are not allowed with our company. They are definitely tacky and don’t suit the role of a limo or party bus driver. For night runs like bachelorette parties, birthdays black pants and a nice shirt should be a minimum. This is STILL a Limo.

3. All drivers should be clean shaven or neatly groomed. Not scruffy. Again this is a Limo and people pay a great deal of money for this experience. And the driver should LOOK THE PART.

4. Drivers personalities are one of the most important things.  You want a driver that is personable, helpful and cheery throughout your day.  Anything less is not acceptable in my opinion. All customers should know the drivers name and be able to approach them at any time.

5. Drivers should drive slow & smooth not abrupt start and stops. This definitely applies in party buses as often people are standing and/or dancing. 

6. Before driving be sure to meet the driver, chat a bit.  Make sure they are fit for duty, don’t look tired, intoxicated in any way!...this may sound strange but it has happened before and your LIFE is in this persons hands!

Thanks for reading.

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