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Tip #3 - Choosing The Right Limo Company

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

Today’s Blog is about Choosing the right limo & limo/shuttle company for your special day.

1. It is VERY important to make sure the transportation you choose is reliable.  There are A LOT of older vehicles still around the province as the age of vehicles is not regulated by SGI (which it should be!)

Be sure to DEMAND to see what YEAR the limousine OR Party Bus is!  Some may say they are in “good” shape and modern but if it is 10-20 years should be very skeptical. It is not rocket science to realize that the likelihood of a catastrophic breakdown is MUCH higher in an older limo/Party bus. Pretty lights and fancy seats do NOT make the limo in good shape!

2.  Are the limos or party buses SGI safetied?  This is the LAW. Please do not jeopardize your safety by getting in a limo that is not!   The recent limo accident in New York where there were mass casualties is a VERY good example of an unsafe limo that was not properly maintained!!

3. Your wedding transportation is about your comfort!  The only real difference between a Party Bus and an SUV limo is COMFORT. The party bus has all the same beautiful amenities as a standard limo but it allows you to stand up, move around, dance, etc.  Why would you want to try SCOOTCH into a SUV, crawl on your hands and knees and get your dress, tux all dirty?

I always say SUVs have nice curb appeal but you are NOT the one on the curb!  Party buses all the way! 

4. Are the drivers properly licensed? The min. License they must possess is a class 4 or better. Standard class 5 license is not sufficient and is illegal to be a certified chauffeur.

5. Condition of the vehicle.  Make sure to ask to see recent, accurate, clear, concise pictures of the limos or party buses. Often companies post generic limo pics which are NOT what you are actually paying for.   

Thanks for reading my blog.

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1 commentaire

Bhumi Savla
Bhumi Savla
01 oct. 2019

Thank you for sharing this informative blog with us, I booked Limousine car with Transway Limousine after reading your blog for my luxuries ride. To have amazing experience visit them

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