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Tip #2 - Reading Reviews

Reviews are an excellent way to tell if a service provider is worthy of your hard earned money.  Now that said, there are MANY things to watch for while determining the validity of the reviews/recommendations.

1. How many reviews do they have?  Often companies have just a few recommendations. This raises a red flag as often these are fake and put on the site by friends and family!

2. Does the company have more than just social media reviews?   Facebook etc? A good one to check out are Google Reviews. These are rarely faked as they take some time to do and most posers don’t know about them.

3. Read the reviews carefully, you will be able to tell if it is legit one way or the other, see the companies response, sometimes people are just bitter and post negative things to try hurt the business.  The legit complaints stand out!

4. The company doesn’t offer a review opinion on their social media.  This is a HUGE red flag. Ask them why?  There is always a reason and it’s not usually a good one.

5. Trust your gut...Word of mouth is truly the best. Ask people who have used the particular service! 

6. Asking other people on social media is alright. Just know how to filter who is giving the recommendations. Often many people that give you the recommendations on social media work for that company, are relatives,or friends!

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I sincerely hope it helps. 

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